Dikes, Dams, Riverbank Embankment & Soil Protection

Waterworks such as embankments, dams, and dikes are essential and functional construction projects that benefit the community and the people. Dams are important structures created as a reservoir for water use. While Dikes are embankments created for flood control. No matter what the purpose of the project is, Premium Megastructures Inc. (PMI) will fulfill and deliver premium construction services for the needs of a community and its people.


This is made up of three main elements: earth or rockfill, water, and energy. Its construction involves laying out consecutive layers of material that have been previously humidified, if necessary, to obtain the desired compaction.


The Leyte Tide Embankment Project has been conceptualized as part of the Build Back Better policy of the Government’s Program on Rehabilitation and Recovery from Super Typhoon Yolanda to build safer cities/communities.


The construction of dikes in the region will serve as protection to the land and property from flooding, it has vast potential for the agricultural products to maintain the good quality in Mindoro.

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