Whether you have years of experience or have recently graduated, there’s a job opportunity for you with one of the leading construction companies in the Philippines. 


Premium Megastructures Inc. understands the significance of preparing young individuals for leadership positions in the construction industry. This includes providing them with the necessary training to seamlessly integrate into the corporate world.

To achieve this goal, PMI has developed the Internship Program specifically tailored for graduating students pursuing a career in construction. The program is designed to equip trainees with industry-specific skills, work ethics, and knowledge essential for successful employment in the construction sector.

The curriculum-based training experience is supervised by seasoned mentors and area advisers who provide guidance and support throughout the program. Trainees will have access to learning resources necessary to carry out their assigned tasks and will be given the opportunity to participate in special projects, corporate initiatives, and company events relevant to the construction industry.

For any job opportunities and internship programs, you may send us an email at: or you can also visit our LinkedIn page.