Airports, Seaports, Shipbuilding, & Ship Repair Facilities

Airports and seaports are essential transportation hubs. It is the place where most of the global exchange in goods and materials is done. Airports are mostly on moving people enabling us to connect with other people with different cultures and backgrounds. The availability of airports and seaports led to the way we conduct, operate, and move businesses and transactions worldwide.

Here at Premium Megastructures Inc (PMI), we are experienced in building seaports and airports, with our commitment to provide premium service we will continue to be the builders of a better world.


Ormoc Airport is located in the province of Leyte in the Philippines. Premium Megastructures Inc. (PMI) is one of the contractors that participated in the renovation of Ormoc Airport which will serve as the latest gateway to Eastern Visayas and the general area of Ormoc City, providing easy access to top tourist destinations such as Lake Danao, Tongonan Hot Springs, National Park, and Alto Peak. Ormoc Airport is expected to boost Ormoc City’s economy through an increase in trade and tourism and it can accommodate more passengers as well as larger aircraft.


A shipyard is a place where ships are being built and repaired. In the Philippines, there are approximately 17 large or medium-sized domestic shipyards. Megaship Builders Inc., PMI’s affiliate company, is among the few that build and repair ships. As a quadruple A construction company, we are capable of building your next shipyard here in the Philippines. PMI aims to build shipyards with premium quality and innovative designs which are cost-effective to satisfy our clients.


Premium Megastructures (PMI) offer the design and construction of seaports and marine infrastructures nationwide. With the congestion experienced by shipyards in Metro Manila, Eastern, and Central Visayas a new shipyard is being constructed and developed by Premium Megastructures Inc. (PMI) that will aid its partner shipbuilding and ship repair company to help the maritime industry’s fast-growing repair needs.

Shipyards and Ports are expected to have a fleet of barges that delivers aggregates and other construction materials to different parts of the country. Here is the following list of ports owned by Premium Megastructures Inc:

Albuera, Leyte

Jasaan, Cagayan De Oro

Padang, Legazpi

Gloria, Oriental Mindoro

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