• Project Name: PMI Tower
  • Client: Premiumlands corps.
  • Location: Makati City
  • Year Completed: On-Going

PMI Tower – Based in Makati City, is a 21-storey mixed-use building that will also serve as the headquarters of the company.

The PMI Tower design reflects modern architecture assimilating practicality, sustainability, and technological innovation.

The tower maximizes the value of the property by giving users more space providing them with the best workplace experience.

The well-designed spaces bring energy, inspire people, boost collaboration, and be more imaginative and productive.

The concept of the tower is to bring the outside inside. The large glass windows are there to let the natural light in making the floors feel open and bright. The windows and the penthouse also have a view of Makati CBD. Open-air spaces let people think and take a break from work without stepping outside the building.

It is located in the busy streets of Makati City close to other top firms and accessible to commuters. A variety of retail stores are available within the building to meet the needs of the users. PMI Tower is available for lease and is open for different business entities such as traditional offices or Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

The tower’s well-thought-of building design is aimed to improve worker satisfaction which will result in better productivity.