Dredging & Reclamation

The Philippines is considered a fast-growing economy in Southeast Asia. Multiple developments of infrastructures nationwide and high-rise residential and offices in the business districts are drastically shaping the economy, influencing and attracting foreign and local investors.

Reclamation is the process of creating new land in the ocean or other bodies of water. While Dredging is a necessary activity to remove sediments and debris from the bottom of the water such as a lake. With our technology and equipment, PMI is competent in such projects while expanding on marine vessel services. We aim to reshape the possibilities of advancing ocean shipping as an industry.

We at Premium Megastructures Inc. (PMI) are eager to lead in the construction and development nationwide. With our proven portfolio of success and skilled people in different industries, we will not stop with our goal to provide premium services in project development.


Soon to rise in Binan Laguna, Cerise Tower is a 20-storey mix-used building by Malveda Properties and Development Corporation. The “Apart’Hotel” will be managed by the world’s leading serviced residence brand, Ascott Ltd., and is expected to yield economic opportunities in the southern gateway.

Premium Megastructures Inc. (PMI) will use its innovative precast technology to complete the project faster, cost-effectively, with assured quality, using a greener process, a safer working environment, and using a versatile system.


Located in Ormoc City, Market Mall is a 9-storey mix-used commercial building and hotel with basement parking space. Locally owned by our partner in real estate, Premium Lands Corp.., it is a shopping mall and business class hotel with a basement function room, and a penthouse with an infinity pool.

The shopping mall section being connected with the hotel section would be beneficial to the whole development as it already has its traffic generator to sustain the performance of the shopping mall. It will provide all the necessities and wants of the occupiers making it more customer-friendly and very accessible for the locals of Ormoc.


The Manila Bay Rehabilitation Program is for Beach Nourishment, Coastal Restoration, and Enhancement of the Manila Bay walk Area. With a probability that the once polluted body of water would be safe for swimming activities by the end of the year (2020-2021).


Premium Megastructures Inc. (PMI), one of the premium quality and efficient leading construction companies in the Philippines, was able to be part of the major reclamation project of Cordova. The proposed reclamation project will occupy the coast of Cordova Bay in the territorial jurisdiction of the Municipality of Cordova. After the full stabilization of the reclaimed land will be basically cater to mixed use development.

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