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             CHAIRMAN / CEO

             My warmest greetings to all of you!

             In today’s highly competitive business               GENUINE CONCERN to the people we
             world, our strongest form of action                  serve. By cultivating INNOVATION for
             is through leadership. As a company                  every community’s development, we
             that specializes in land developments,               are able to provide PREMIUM SERVICE
             reclamations, construction of roads,                 to harmonize and provide SYNERGY
             ports, airports and bridges all over the             among our customers, stakeholders,
             country, we exemplify excellence by                  workers and the nation as a whole.
             providing limitless possibilities and
             innovative construction solutions while              I would like to sincerely express my
             keeping up with the rapid advances                   deep gratitude to everyone who made
             in technology to achieve real time                   all of this possible. Our investors,
             superior long-term results. This is in               employees and everyone who believes
             line with our commitment to help the                 in the company. I am humbled that you
             nation grow as a leader in the industry              have placed your trust on this company
             by providing premium construction                    and everything it stands for. I believe
             works and design services. With the                  that we have barely scratched the
             help of our hardworking and loyal                    surface and we can progress together
             employees who continue to perform                    to achieve greater heights. With your
             while keeping in mind the importance                 continued support, we renew our firm
             of a healthy work-life balance, we will              commitment to be the industry leader
             tirelessly work to become “Builders of A             in the field of construction that we are
             Better World”.                                       destined to be.

             Guided by our core values, we make
             sure that there is INTEGRITY in all
             our dealings without sacrificing our
             COMMITMENT to provide the best
             possible service to our customers while              ENGR. FRANCIS LLOYD T. CHUA
             showing the company’s HUMILITY and                   CHAIRMAN / CEO
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