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                1    INTEGRITY                                    4      INNOVATION
                     Here at PMI, we make sure that                      PMI understands that there is
                     ethical standards are embedded in                   nowhere to go but to innovate
                     everything that we do. By doing good                and embrace change. Innovation
                     at all time, we build the trust of every            is a critical factor that keeps our
                     stakeholder in the company.                         company delivering results that are
                                                                         competitive for our clients.

               2     COMMITMENT                                    5     PREMIUM SERVICES
                     In PMI we always commit to making                   PMI strives to provide its clients with
                     the best results in every project, with             premium construction services. We
                     no excuses. Our commitment has led                  were able to provide satisfaction
                     us in the past and will lead us with                and premium services with our
                     our future endeavors.                               track record of success and we will
                                                                         continue to do so.

               3     HUMILITY AND                                  6     SYNERGY
                     GENUINE CONCERN
                     At PMI, we have a purpose. To help                  At PMI, SYNERGY is one of our key
                     build, grow, and enrich the well-being              competences. We collaborate,
                     and interest of the people that we                  coordinate, and cooperate for the
                     serve. This is what keeps our drive to              same goal and purpose. We believe
                     help the nation grow and everything                 that our skills and knowledge of
                     else follows.                                       teamwork make the dream work.

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